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Keep on swimming

Still hanging in there,  guys.  I have been to the doctor's twice now and the grand final word was this: I did in fact have a pretty bad stress fracture (which I believe given the pain I was in post race). Because I am so badass (read: stubborn) I dealt through the pain and took 2 months to go to the doc.  Oops. By the time I went,  the fracture was almost healed but because I was still doing occasional running,  I kept undoing the healing process too. Any way, I was ordered to 4 more weeks of low impact activity (aka no running) and a follow up on valentines day. Hoping I feel the love and am cleared to run.  It has been tough but my hubs also had surgery last Thursday so sadly I have had so little energy to even think about it. The huge bummer about this is I was working on the dailyburn #db15 challenges and really enjoying it.  Hoping to do something on daily burn in a little though.  I need to sweet it out like nobody's business.  I plan on writing a post another time mo