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Lessons in Crewing

The weekend before Christmas I did something I have never done before, but definitely hope to do again. I had been asked by a friend to crew and pace her for  Devil Dog Ultras  as she would conquer the 100k race. There was also a 100 mile option that another member of our group (Fred) would set out to destroy. Initially, I wasn't sure I could or should commit an entire weekend to something that wasn't on my initial schedule for 2016. After discussing and thinking more about it, I knew I had to! Bekah is a good friend and I knew I had to be there with and for her.  Emily, Bekah and Fred all ready (and maybe a little nervous) for the hours ahead of them. The early morning crew-ers. Me, Chris and Maegan.  Here we are right before Bekah was getting ready to leave on her journey. Ice and all. So badass. After we saw them all off on their running journeys, the 3 crew members headed back to the hotel for some breakfast and to pack up the roo