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{Not your average} Medal Monday

I can't let this month slip by without sharing an amazing part of this year's running journey with you. This is not about a personal achievement. Not at all. Although personal tooting of our own horns is often the subject of our blog and/or social media posts, that is not the purpose of this post. Instead, it is a celebration of friendship, same pace camaraderie, and the massive amount of miles it takes to cross the finish line of a marathon. Especially a first marathon. Back in January of this year, the running gods aligned me with three amazing women. We all had similar goals for our spring half marathon races and therefore had similar goals for our workouts at each  Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg  led running class. We all held each other accountable to our goals and paces... just a little obsessively. This is a picture of us all bundled up at that first workout. Little did we know... Long story short we trained together all spring and, in the process gained a group

Try This Tuesday

All week, I was looking forward to this weekend. I know they say you shouldn't live for the weekends, but sometimes it's hard not to. I didn't go on a trip or some fancy getaway, I just stayed in my home area and enjoyed some great events/outside time. Friday night after work, I headed over to  Absolute Pilates  for a special "Runner's Night" event hosted at their Mechanicsburg location. There were two 30 minute classes along with some great tips on remaining injury free from  Zang Physical Therapy  and running form type advice from the wonderful Fred at  Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg ,  Funny enough I knew most of the other ladies who showed up from class at Fleet Feet. When I first walked in, I was pretty intimidated by all the equipment! Really though, that's only because I have no idea what they do with it!! I set up time to meet with Andrew Zang prior to the event starting to seek out some possible answers on my annoying returning injury in my le

(some of my) Weekend adventures

Saturday morning I woke up earlier than I do on work days- and happily!! One of my trail runner partner in crimes, stopped by to pick me up shortly before 7 am to make our way to Boiling Springs to meet up with  Appalachian Running Company  for their trail run. I have been trying to make it out to more of these runs while my mileage is lower to keep my "trail legs" as they say. Really glad I have been doing this since my 50k since I have added something to my plans for the end of the year (more on that later). It has been fun to join this group on a few runs and meet some new faces and enjoy a change of pace with the trails and beautiful views. Here's the crew!! We were greeted by some really cool fog on the Children's lake in town and I quickly jogged across the road to get some photos (of course!). Views I don't get to see on my regular day to day. So refreshing and wonderful to soak up the last of the beautiful colors of fall here in

Hero Run 5k - 2016 edition

Hey there, friends!! I am not quite sure what happened to the last month, but I do know that I have been SUPER busy. Between work, my side jobs, family, and running I feel like the last month has been both long and short. Do not fear, even with the busy times I still made time for some fun and this really cool favorite race of mine. This is both the 4th year of the race and 4th year I have run it. If you have been around a while, you know that I tend to prefer the longer distances so you might be wondering, why? Originally, it just started out as a fun and different race at the end of the year to see how I could race a 5k after long distance training all summer and fall. But the race has a great mission as well.  Funds raised from the race gives back to the Keystone Wounded Warriors, helping veterans either currently residing in Pennsylvania or those with past "ties" to the state. Funds also go to COPS for K.O.P.S which supports children of officers wounded/fallen durin