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One Stretch (you need to know)

Back in the fall, when I was in the depths of marathon training, I came across this really sweet product called  One Stretch  on twitter of all places. I was intrigued and reached out to them asking if they would be interested in some feedback. I had been struggling with calf tightness and some pain in my shin area and really wondered if this might be the answer. Once I received the product in the mail, I tried it out a few times and the stretch felt great. After that, for some reason I set it aside and, although I had great intentions of using it as recommended, it fell by the wayside. I had read the directions and you are supposed to use it 3 times per day, gradually working up your time that the stretch is held. I was struggling with remembering to stick to this. I also read that it may cause additional pain at the 4-6 week point and I freaked out. I was training for my second marathon and figured that I did not want to add any more pain to my already presenting issues.  Fa

Squirelly tail 13.1 take two

Last year, around this same time, I did a race called Squirelly Tail Twail Wun and  wrote  about it. I really did have a good deal of fun and decided to do it again. I even talked two unsuspecting friends from my running group into doing it with me. Well not really with, because we are all kind of at different places- especially when it comes to trails. I probably have run the most longer distance trails, one has run quite a few but shorter distances, and one none.. and definitely NOT in any of the conditions that we would encounter Waiting to start. It was pretty mild for February and we were initially warned to wear plastic bags in our shoes to keep our feet from freezing due to all the standing water from snow melting. It did get a bit colder the day or two prior so some stuff re-froze but oh boy. In the first mile, my one friend said she felt like she was drunk running. There was so much instability in that first mile just because you had to navigate in 100% snow.

Dear Adriene

Dear Adriene, For the last three weeks you have sent me wonderful emails and guided me through a daily practice. I was a little worried about staying consistent for an entire 30 days; this was something I had never done before. Your emails each day encouraged me to make the daily practice be whatever I needed it to be. Each day, the mantras guided my practice in whatever form I needed them to. I love how encouraging you are in every single video. You encourage to be who you are, where you are, and not worry about all the other stuff. Leave it behind. I love this.  Your jokes and silly comments through practice make me feel like you are right there with me. Practicing. Laughing. Like I know you. Like you aren't just someone on my TV screen that I have never met. I love that about your videos and I think it sets you apart. No yoga robots.  I have learned so much about yoga and myself during this yoga camp sesh. It is possible to do yoga 30 days in a row. Yoga isn'