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All the feelings..

After Sunday's last long run for this portion of my training season, I was feeling all kinds of things. Excitement, terror, happiness, more excitement, thankfulness, overwhelming sadness, more thankfulness, and anxiety.   In case you don't know (because I have been so bloggin' MIA lately), I am gearing up for my first 50k trail race this weekend. There have been ups and downs along the way including the crazy hot summer and the return of my leg/hip pain from last summer about 2 months ago. I did take time off, but I am still not 100%. The stubborn part of me doesn't really care and I will KT tape and be on my merry way. source So why all of these feelings?? I have this thing.. called pride. I think it's my dad's fault that I cry when I am proud because quite honestly, he has held back tears (not so successfully) at almost every activity in my life. When he saw me play in marching band, he would cry. When I sang at church, he would tear up. An