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Island to Island Half Marathon

If you follow me on instagram , you have seen the blow by blow of my workouts over the past few months and how excited I was for this race hopeful for a super sweet PR and sub 2 hour time. Unfortunately, neither of those things happened for me. Let start from the beginning.  Friday, we arrived in OCMD around 7pm and I got my packet. I promptly had to get my feet in the sand and get a nice picture too. It was chilly and windy for sure, but I didn't care. Next stop was Grotto's Pizza, but I was so hungry/hangry that I failed to take a picture. From there, we checked in to  Days Inn oceanfront  which if I ever visit again, it would be too soon. The floors were dirty, there was mold in our bathroom, among other things. There was this huge group that arrived around 10 pm Friday night which kept us up all night. We decided quickly that we would NOT be staying there another night. The group was possibly college age and were completely disrespectful to anyone else s