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Try this Thursday

Back today and linking up with... What I am about to share with you may seem like a DUH moment, however it apparently took me a long time to figure that out! I have been using a camelbak for about 2 years now and wouldn't change it for anything. I actually have 2. The first one is the Charm made for women and I love it. It holds 1.5 L This except in purple My second, I got on on a great sale after Christmas this past year. It holds 2L Although they are great for long runs, I got really irritated with my water being warm by mile 10 or so. How to fix this problem??  here Here is the big DUH moment.. yes ICE!! Adding ice to the bladder of your camelbak or any hydration system does wonders on those hot hot days. Seriously. The other weekend when it was already 80 something at the start of a 16 mile run, this cold water situation was life-changingly amazing. You're welcome.

Marathon Training Week #9

Late is better than never right? My work schedule and therefore life schedule is different this week so here I am Wednesday night, finally typing up my week 9. Monday was rest day and I really did just that after the 16 miler then day before. I really needed the rest and I don't think I did much more than wash laundry! Tuesday I got up early to put in the miles before work. It was still pretty hot, so I went shirtless and that was still almost too much! I was DYING!!! Still managed my 4 miles, that is all that mattered. Wednesday was beyond a struggle. I had fully intended to get up in the morning again and run the day's 7 mile paced run. Unfortunately, lack of sleep and desire to try to get some before work won out and I missed my chance. A friend posted about running that evening and I quickly jumped on board. Sadly, the overcast skies of the day cleared up right as we were meeting to run along the river where shade is limited that time of day. We rallied

Marathon Training Week #8

I have officially crossed into the second half of marathon training! It is is so crazy to think that I just completed week 8 of 18 and it just keeps getting crazier! Monday started the week out with a solid rest day which was MUCH needed after week 7. Tuesday I ran 4 terrible, painful, agonizing miles. Okay, maybe I am being a tad dramatic but those miles seriously were not my friend. My knee was driving me crazy, my legs were beyond heavy and 4 miles felt like 14. It just goes to show, my friends, that we all have those days! Wednesday I taped up my knee with the awesome  KT Tape  and tried for 4 miles again. I switched my Wednesday and Thursday run so that I could run longer with a friend of mine Thursday. So Wednesday, tape and all, I laced up my kicks and blasted off. Seriously. I had a great (mostly uphill) run and felt like a new woman! Maybe I was just excited to see this view?? KT Tape is BOSS! Are you serious with these splits? UPHILL?! Thursday I met

Marathon Training Week #7

Before I get into the nitty gritty of the week, I just need to reflect for a moment. Today was a really rough day at work. Really rough day at work. It was one of those sit at your desk and cry, can't wait to get off the clock to have a glass of wine kind of days. The details as to why aren't really important, just the background. I started to think about how unhappy and complacent I am getting again and wondering what else life has in store for me. I quickly looked back on my week of running and training and then realized that I have so much and so many people to be grateful to have in my life. Seriously.. a running pal actually reminded me recently that a job is a job and while it pays the bills, puts food on the table, and a roof over my head, it is ok to be just EH about my job. It is not ideal I guess, but it is where I am right now. It's not all bad, just has been overwhelmingly stressful and too much lately. But when the clock strikes 3:30pm, I am free as a bir

Marathon Training Update!

So much for getting on track with weekly updates about marathon training. I can make a few general statements regarding this year versus last: 1. Things are going much better. I am hitting all my runs each week, sometimes adding extra mileage to keep things exciting and run new places. 2. I feel so much stronger this year and rightly so as I am now major injury free for over a year. 3. I am beginning to feel comfortable running in the lower 9 minute range, even in ridiculously hot temperatures! I am continually impressed by what my body can do again and am actually enjoying training. I am about 1/3 of the way through which means that it is about to get REAL and into the really high mileage section, but I've got this. Week 3 I ran 5 miles Tuesday, 5 Wednesday and 4.2 Thursday. Friday was rest day and Saturday I ran 6.5 miles. Also on Saturday, I hosted a Zumbathon as part of my Solemates campaign for Capital Area Girls on the run . We had a great time and I exceeded my fundra