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MealEnders Review and Giveaway!

Another day, another awesome review opportunity thanks to my ambassadorship with Sweatpink. A few weeks back, I got an email letting me know I was chosen to receive this product for free in exchange for a review PLUS I get to share the love with a giveaway. Who doesn't love that? The product is a genius one. MealEnders , as they call it,  just does that. Sorry for the rough edges on the bags, we were a little excited to open them. When I told the husband what I was reviewing he was quite the skeptic. He just didn't really buy that this tiny lozenge could actually keep you from wanting to eat. Needless to say, he ate one and fell asleep that night not having ice cream or any snack at all. I knew this was a sign that these are magic.  We have both had the chance to try these quite a few times and both agree on a few things. 1. The flavors are awesome 2. These little things REALLY work 3. Did I mention the flavors are awesome? As you can see in the pictur