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Race Against Racism 5k 2017

Almost a month ago (April 29th), I ran the Race Against Racism in Harrisburg. Every year, my employer is a sponsor and allows so many employees to have a free entry into the race. I was bummed to miss it last year because they changed the course so I was extra excited to have the chance to go this year. source I don’t run a ton of 5k’s so I try to go all out and see what kind of effort I can muster. I knew I raced the Lucky Charm HBG 10k at an 8:43 average, so I was trying really hard to see what I could accomplish below that.  I knew I was capable of 8’ish minute miles because I had run them in training, but holding that for more than a mile was nerve-wracking.  People laugh at me when I tell them 5ks make me nervous. They think that because I run long distances, that 5ks are a breeze but they aren’t. When we train long distances, we don’t run really quick paces like we often push for in those pesky 5ks.  I get excited and nervous all at the same time. Anyway, I met

Sharing the SPARK at GOTR

T Shadle Photography In 2014, not long after I got more serious about running, I found someone in my running group who was involved in our local  Girls on the Run  chapter and I reached out.  I had been watching the website and wanted to get involved, but the 5ks prior were held on weekends I was busy. Lucky for me, the 5ks weren't the only option for getting involved. I ended up signing up to be part of the 5k planning committee (to make sure I was available) and also as a Solemate (the fundraising portion of GOTR). In the 3 years since working GOTR, I have helped plan four 5ks, been a Solemate 4 times (including this year), and have had a blast every step of the way. While I wasn't officially on the planning committee for this spring season, I did get to help out with a special group of people we like to call "Spirit Runners." The purpose of this group is to 1. wear a pink cape and be awesome, and 2. to cheer on all the girls and their running buddies. As

Harper's Ferry Half 2017

Last summer while visiting my sister in WV, my mom found a flyer advertising some local races. There was a spring half, 5k and kids fun run as well as a fall full, half, 5k and kids run. I knew these events had to go on my 2017 calendar.  The best part about the spring race,  Harper's Ferry Half Marathon , was that my sister lives about 10 minutes from the start line. The half marathon started at 8:00 am at  River Riders  which has both water activities and an adventure park with zip-lining and other really neat stuff. I hope to go back another time and explore. Back to the race though... Communication leading up to race day was awesome and ensured I wouldn't miss a single detail. Friday evening, packet pick up was at the Clarion hotel right behind/above the River Riders location. The process was simple and we were in and out without a problem.We even had to switch my oldest nephew to the 5k since online registration only let my sister's sign him up for the fun run-

It's a Wonderful Life

If this weekend taught me anything it is that I have such amazing friends in this crazy world.. even if sometimes I don't make plans for a really long time because I am a spazz. Every day of this past weekend, I got to see some of my favorite people in the world and was reminded just how special these people are to me. Friday night started out with some old work friends, some of who I have not seen in almost a year. We went to dinner at our local Bonefish Grill and enjoyed all the delicious food and a few drinks. It was so much fun catching up with this crew and having SO many laughs with them. I think we might have scared some of the people around us when we burst into laughter, but oh well. I can't say enough about the few hours I got to spend with this wild group. I do miss the days we all worked together and could catch up in between our appointments, but I am not sure I miss being at the job. We have all since moved on to other things but still keep in touch!