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Marine Corps Marathon Recap

Although it has been (what feels like) forever since game day, I feel like I am still trying to process all of it. This was my second marathon, but my first HUGE marathon. There were around 30,000 people running 26.2 miles with me and it was just such an experience. Unlike my last marathon, we traveled a little over two hours from home and stayed a few days in Washington DC so that I could participate in Marine Corps Marathon . Starting a few days before, I had to check and recheck to make sure I had everything that I needed for the marathon on Sunday. I have run half marathons away from home, but to me this is so much less work than prepping marathon necessities.  Basically, I had to make sure I had my camelbak (ALL PIECES!), NUUN, huma gels for fueling, running clothes and socks. Oh and don't forget the running shoes. We left home on Friday and I couldn't get to DC or to the EXPO fast enough. (Did I mention how excited I was??) We left home around 10am and got par