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A little catch up

Do you ever have those weeks where nothing really gets done and you just feel like you are spinning your wheels? Of course you have, you are human!! Well I feel like that has been this entire year so far, but especially this month for some reason. Since my last post (a week ago.. shoot!) I have been keeping up with my runs (mostly) and keeping active as if my life depended on it. Last Friday, since I knew I was missing my Team in Training run Saturday, I set out on a new route and ran a nice 9 miles I am really particularly proud of this run. Why? Well this is the longest I have ever run by myself and without any music. This is seriously a big deal for me considering that I used to be so afraid and downright upset if my music stopped or glitched out on phone just a few months ago. I guess you could say I am getting a little more comfortable with myself as a runner. Really going out there and embracing it. With it being just the end of March, I have accomplished a lot this ye

Ice Baths!

( source )    I stole this little piece of advice from my Team in Training coach, not going to lie. I thought I'd share because it something I had never heard of, let along tried until I began this journey with TNT.  Read on to learn more!    Sitting in a bath tub of cold water for 15-20 minutes after a long run speeds healing, prevents soreness, and helps greatly to make you feel better the next day. It essentially stops the inflammatory process that happens in the muscles and joints when you run especially long distances. It’s up to you to decide what is a “long distance” but generally anything over 6 – 8 miles is long. An ice bath is the same principle as putting an ice pack on a sprain to prevent swelling, i.e. inflammation. Many pro, college, and even high school athletic teams now have ice whirlpools after every practice that involves a lot of repetitive exercise like running. Personally, I do an ice bath whenever I run more than 8 miles. If this is your first

Birthday weekend

Hey everyone- what a whirlwind life has been recently. So here I am, trying to get back on track and share some recent happenings. Friday was my birthday and I took the day off work. I got up late, enjoyed some delish pancakes with nothing healthy at all about them. Don't they look yummy? Peanut butter and chocolate chips, just hit the spot. After I got myself ready to go, around noon I took a mile walk down the road to pick up my car from an overdue state inspection and emissions testing. Ran some errands, did some shopping and even scored some sports bras for $4 and a pair of running pants on clearance for $8. Couldn't pass them up! After hubby got home from work, we headed out for dinner. I had a free burger at Red Robin, although they messed up our food and we ended up getting our meals free anyway. Saturday I ran a nice 9.75 miles with the great team in training folks. I ran most of it with Mandie and we had a pretty good time other than the really ridicu

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Runner box prize

So I have recently been on the quest to eat better for my activity level and in that quest have stumbled upon some pretty cool box subscription services that let you try all kinds of goodies on a monthly or bimothly basis. Among them is The Runnerbox. Simple enough right? I entered a giveaway and totally snagged my first box free. I say my first box because I was considering signing up and even put one on my birthday wishlist for my family. I took some pictures to share the wonderfulness that arrived in my mailbox. I seriously died that there was a quote inside the box.. SQUEAL!! I am a huge quote lover and this was just an awesome little piece of inspiration.  Look at all the awesome swag! Complete with a nice little note from the owner- Staci. So thought ful and even used my favorite color for a little bow!! There are so many awesome samples in here that I cannot wait to try that I probably couldn't pick a favorite. I do have to say though, that I was b

Couple day catch up

It has been pretty quiet around here, hasn't it?? Oh my goodness. I haven't been able to find the time to sit down and FINISH all my started entries.. Don't you hate that? Don't mistake my quiet-ness for inaction. I have been pretty darn busy. Please bear with me, I am going back an entire stinkin week just to account for EVERYTHING I have been up to :) Thursday Ran a simple 3 miles outside in place of my usual TREADMILL Thursday routine. I had to head to my parents right after work to pick up taxes. YIPEE!! Something to note about this run was that it was totally without music, the fastest I have run in weeks AND it was warm enough that I ran in just a l/s tee. WOW. Too bad by the time I was done it was freezing and windy again. Friday was rest day. I did cheat and did some yoga for hip openers.. felt so good!! I am always so happy after I do yoga stretching and continue to wonder why I didn't give it a chance sooner after I got involved with running.

Another's point of view

{source} I have been meaning to write this for a while, but am kind of glad I waited. "Write what?," you might be asking. Well, write about some interesting view points communicated to me by someone who has been at running a lot longer than I have. My first week with the Team in Training, the coach asked me what the longest was that I had run to that date. I told him about 8 miles. He pretty quickly shot back at me "Yea, you look like a runner." I kind of shrugged it off, but begant to think. Do I really look like "a runner?" What exactly are the characteristics that made him come to this conclusion? Is it my body build (which seriously, isn't all that extra-ordinary, just sayin) or is it the clothes I was wearing? I have to admit I never thought it was an obvious thing but maybe it is? In the almost 2 years since I began my running journy, I never thought I would have come this far. I never thought I'd make it through Couch