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The GloRun 5k

For the past few years ( 2014  and 2016 , apparently skipped writing about 2015), my oldest nephew, Adam,  and I have held a tradition of running a glow run. Due to other commitments, I was unable to complete the one we normally do and I was so bummed. As I mentioned the other day , I promised my nephew a glow run this summer to make up for it and set out on a search for other local races. Sadly, there were just two options. One which we definitely could not do and one that I had a prior commitment on the same day, but that would work out. It made for quite an interesting weekend but I wouldn't trade it for the world. After crewing for part of the day, I headed out on the almost 3 hour drive to Carlisle because even though it was called  The GloRun Harrisburg , that is where it was. It worked out perfectly. I knew exactly one other person doing this race and we met up with Rick beforehand since he was nice and got our packets for us. He also kindly warned us not to park on

Crewing at ES 100

I am not 100% new to crewing since I did crew  a friend at Devil Dog last December, but this was a very different experience for sure. This time it was for a friend who I coincidentally reconnected with at Devil Dog after not seeing him for a good 10+ years. Funny how running connects people! Anyway, that's not the point. this time around crewing was for the Eastern States 100-miler. ONE HUNDRED MILER. Seriously. So incredibly boss. Brian, Bekah and I met at my house Friday afternoon and drove up to the race site about two and a half hours away. There was no cell reception- just a bunch of crazy people there to run and crew  their friends in the mountains. We pulled into the start/finish area where packet pick up was being held. Brian got a cool backpack with all kinds of ES100 goodies- shirt, socks, and a hat! I didn't really get any pictures of this area because it was raining pretty hard when we got there. After Brian got his packet, we headed to find some dinner. Ou

Thinking Out Loud

I missed a couple of weeks, but I am back. This random business is my life and I love it. 1. Let's talk about the weather. No I'm not 100 years old, but the humidity that has plagued my area for the last few weeks has FINALLY dropped out again and it's perfect. PERFECT. We finished our run last night and I was actually cold within a few minutes. The air has changed and it feels like fall. I am not ready for it getting dark so early, but fall is still my favorite. (from our fall 2015 trip to DC for Marine Corps Marathon )  2. And it only partially has to do with PUMPKIN EVERYTHING. 3. I am starting to be super excitedly nervous about my 12 hour race coming up Labor day weekend. I have a pretty big goal, but I think I am prepared after my super duper solo trail marathon last weekend. 4. Speaking of.. I can't seem to eat enough. I mean I am constantly eating anyway, but this is way worse. I wish I could say I was eating only good stuff.. but I have

Sometimes it's Good to Suffer

I don't usually write about training runs, but I couldn't pass this one up. Early last week, I reached out to my friend Jeremy to ask for suggestions on a different trail route to switch it up a little. I knew I had a 26 mile training run to do and thought it might be fun to branch out. Jeremy is a local badass ultra-runner so I knew he would have some great ideas. He didn't disappoint. I will admit, I was a little worried about going it alone. All my usual partners in crime were on different training plans this week or out of town, but I planned on going and doing what I could. I am not sure why, but I was totally unsure of myself- even upon arriving to the starting point of my run. I was worried about whether there would be creepers on the trail waiting for me at 7 am. I was worried that I would fall and get hurt. What if I ran out of water or got lost? Twenty-six miles was not a new distance for me, but definitely daunting to complete alone and on a new trail.