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Iron Run Half 2016

Directly following my double header 5k weekend, I hit the trails and ran a half marathon!! The race is put on by  Friends of Pine Grove  and is called Iron Run Half Marathon. This is the second year I have run it and this year was a huge improvement for me on so many levels. Like last year, I spend the night at a friend's cabin so we got to kind of mosey awake and get ready, eat breakfast and travel the 5 minutes from her cabin to the race. We met all of our river runner friends there for a nice photo opp before the race. It was a really cool mix of abilities this year and I really didn't feel like I got held up as much with larger groups of people. The trail was wide enough for two people for most of the race, but last I definitely felt "stuck" more than this year. I started the race with Michelle and Katie, both of whom have been awesome running buddies this year. Katie was gone by mile 1 and Michelle and I stuck together for the first 2-3 miles somewhere.

3rd Annual Double Header

I am so terribly at blogging lately, it is a shame. I think I am at the computer typing so much for work, that I often have no steam left for much else. Maybe I just start talking to the computer and it can type for me.. that's a thing, right? Anyway... A few weeks ago, I did my third year in a row of doing  The Color Run Hershey  in the morning and  Rock N Glow 5k  in the evening. It never fails to be a fun (but tiring) day. This year, my ENTIRE family got to join us + a friend of my mom's who joined us last year too. To say I was thrilled that we got to do this is easily the understatement of the year. From my dad down to my not-quite 1 year old nephew, I think I can say we all had a nice time. We were supposed to do this last year.. however, the not-quite 1 year old, was not quite.. well. born yet!!! TCR Hershey  had some sweet props this year.. including this HUGE pineapple.. you know I had to get my picture Yea.. Needless to say.. fun times!! I just ha

Happy Global Running Day!!!

Today I am joining a link up over at  Jonesin' for a Run  for Global Running day. For some reason, this year I am so much more excited for it.. maybe that's because I am off work and get to enjoy local events!!  So here's how this is going to go.. I am going to answer some questions and then I challenge you to do the same :) Why do you run? Initially I ran for the challenge. How far could I make it? Could I really complete a 5k? But now? It is SO much more. I have met some of the most incredible friends as part of the running community and this makes me feel so much more whole. It was like this part of my life wasn't complete until I entered the running world. It is stress relief, social, and a way to get out of the house and have major me time. How do you plan to celebrate National Running Day? Since I am posting this ON the day.. here is what I have done so far. I actually already ran 4 miles earlier in downtown Harrisburg with a super awesome group of