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Major Run Rewind

As I have mentioned (and you probably noticed) I have been major blog slacking since my 10k the other weekend.  I sure haven't been workout slacking though. I have been trying to run and workout just as much as I was during training because I don't want to backslide. Especially with warm weather finally upon us I really am enjoying runs even though they are definitely not as long as I was going on (10-12 miles) but mostly because I haven't had any Saturday mornings free and won't until June. No BIG. I didn't just run the past two weeks even though that's what I am sharing today- I mixed in boxing, yoga, some high intensity cardio and some good old fashioned squats and core work. As we all know, the Boston bombings tore down and built up the running community as well as so many others.  I feel so proud to be part of such a great group of people all over the country and world that sprung into action to support those who died and were injured at the event.

Just checking in!

Hi friends :) I hope you all had a wonderful wonderful weekend!! The weather finally got nice and warm here on Saturday and then went back to kind of chilly and today we have rain which is expected to stick around through Wednesday. I don't have a really great post today but just wanted to pop in, say hello and let you know what you can look forward to (soon- I swear!!) I have some reviews I'd like to share- FlipBelt, Zola Coconut water, BAMR Bands. I am also planning to do a post on the races I am looking forward to in the upcoming months. I am seriously, SO excited for each race I have planned every month over the summer but most of all, MY FIRST HALF MARATHON- OMG!!! Anyway, that's all I really have for now. I need to do a huge recap of my runs the past little over a week but I don't have all my images ready to go. I am going to make sure I get that ready to post for tomorrow (probably in the evening.) Hope you all have a great start to the week!! Talk

Inspiration to keep going

Holy busy life, batman. I have so totally been slacking on here since my 10k two weekends ago! Not for the lack of trying, but there really hasn't been time all stinkin week to sit and write a post. Being really busy 2 weekends in a row does take its toll- especially on regular household chores like laundry! I kid you not, Tonight, I just finished laundry that normally would have been done Sunday. I have had to gradually work on it because of such a weird lack of time to complete. At the beginning of the month they began implementing a mandatory 30 minute break each day which added an extra half hour to my day. Ok, not really a big deal right? Well that is 2.5 hours each week that I lose to get other stuff done around the house that I have had the past, oh 5 years basically. Anyway enough negative Nancy- Pants. Here are some fun, inspiring quotes that can help you at any point in your fitness journey, beginning, middle, champ. source Seriously, go. Move it. :)

My first 10k - Hershey! {recap}

So if you have been reading my blog for a little while, or follow on instagram, you may realize that 10k is certainly not my furthest distance run and seriously is really about half of my furthest distance run with Team in Training. However, it was still a super big deal to me that this was my first 10 and longest RACE to date. All I have done in the past were 5ks. I never, in my wildest dreams, thought this year would take my running to a whole new (EXCITING) level. Throughout the process of participating in Team in Training, I doubled my furthest distance I have ever run on my own and now have dreams of participating in LOTS of half marathons and maybe, GASP, even a whole by next year. Anyway enough of that and on to the race details. My parents and husband were really great sports (sans a little playful whining) about the literally ungodly hour we had to get up. We only live about 20 minutes from Hershey so parentals stayed over at our house. Originally I figured we would leave

Running for Boston

Yesterday's news breaks my heart. I was so excited about my finish in my 10k, riding along the excitement wave and then boom, crash, to the floor went my heart as facebook exploded quickly of the news. Not really news so much as horror and tragedy. As quickly as I imagine the bombs exploded, the running community responded with sentiments and ways for each of to honor those affected by the blasts. By the time I went to bed I had chosen a few to participate in. First, to complete 4.09 miles today in honor of the time the race was shutdown. This was ambitious considering I was going to be wearing my new shoes for the first time today. I didn't really care though. It wasn't the easiest mileage ever, but at the same point it was. I felt like I had to push through and do it... for them. and that I did. I ran and ran. I also joined these:  event #1  (to run any distance dedicated and honoring those at the marathon) and  event #2  (to run a total of 26.2 miles in the next t

Some Friday Inspiration

Well friends, we've made it to another weekend!! For some of us this means long runs, others short runs, some have races, some will run a fast pace, others slower. Either way, as runners we tend to love weekends as we can run however we want because we often don't have the time restraints that we do during the week. Sometimes we need a little kick in the pants to get out the door. source (Whatever your long run is :) source (BELIEVE) source (Life is wonderful when you stop & think) source (Just.keep.going) And a little running humor...   source (Because some of us are a little obsessive about these things!) Happy Friday, happy long run, short run, run happy, race fast, race happy... whatever it is. I will be running the Hershey 10k Sunday, so hopefully I will get a little recap up for Monday. What are you running this weekend?

It is more than just the stuff

A few days ago, I posted about my excitement  for my first race of the season. This really isn't just any race. Not only is it my first (official) 10k, but it is my first run participating in Team in Training for Leukemia & Lymphoma society.  I am so over the moon about participating in this race with this amazing group. Although I have been pretty excited from day 1, my insane excitement got sparked when I picked up my race bag from LLS last week What is not to get excited about this fun stuff? Race shirt and a l/s tee (which will probably be my shirt for afterwards. There was  also a magnet for LLS TNT which I promptly placed on my car. But it is more than just the stuff. It is about amazing people like this and the difference we make in the lives of so many by fundraising through our running.  We all fundraise as part of different running events throughout the year for different reasons. For some of us our reasons are friends, others family members, and even ot

Kona Kase review & coupon code

Hey everyone!! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I wanted to take a few minutes and tell  you about the  Kona Kase . As a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I was given the opportunity to recieve one for free to review. (I was given no other compensation that the free box for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.  I have said this before, and I will say it again. I am a sucker for a good quote and this one was no exception. This was just the begining of this box filled choc-ful of delicious goodness. Funny enough, the first night I got the  Kona Kase, my sweets lovin hubby brought these two goodies up to bed asking if they were for him. I told him they could be but he had to share. He obliged and overall we both enjoyed the caramel cups made by SunCups. Caramel is not usually my thing, especially in replacement for peanut butter, but these were yummy (just don't tell the PB!!) We also tried the 3 other squares of chocolate by TCHO in the kase and decided they were


You may have noticed the cute little fundraising widget over there to the right.... well yep. That's what I am excited about. Well I am excited both for the money that my amazing friends and family have contributed to a cause that I consider a worthy one- and for the event itself!! I won't go into why I am doing it. You can read about that  here . Just know that it is for a high school classmate of mine whose strength and persistence totally amazes me. Anyway... the other part of why I am excited is that I received all the info and SWAG for the run with Team in Training. I will take some pics of it all and share a little closer to the run. For now, I am going to share some random Hershey, PA related images. source source source Yep, this run is going to be so SWEEET. All puns intended. I am super excited that the course takes us through the park and by the rides and all kinds of Hershey-ness. I often wish that I lived other places, warmer, closer

Musical inspiration

  One of my sweat pink ambassador sisters- Kim @ My Healthy Nest proposed the idea of posting and doing a link up of our favorite running play list songs. I of course jumped!!     Even though I have been running music-less quite a bit, I still have lots of fun with playlists and going back to old songs in addition to the new ones I hear on the radio and get my pumped up. Now I honestly will warn you now that I tend to run to explicit lyrics and a lot of awesome mixes from RockMyRun . I am so not an explicit type of speaker, but when I need pumped up or motivated to run... for some reason this music just does it for me.  So here goes- love it or leave it :)       Teach me how to Dougie   Suit and Tie- JT (embarassing but this darn song gets seriously BURNED into my brain)   It's time- Imagine Dragons   Sweet Nothing- Calvin Harris/Florence Welch   Thrift shop- Macklemore (omg again, always in my head.. don't hate it!)   Ho

Super Saturday

I have said this before and will say it again. This team in training experience has seriously changed my life. Have a fundraised as hard as I could? No but hope to do this for some run in 2014. And since I will be able to plan ahead for it, I can do more.  But it has changed my running in ways that I never thought possible. I couldn't chose which change I am happiest with so I will just list them here.  1. Running with others: I have never been a fan of having a regular running date with someone. This isn't to say I don't enjoy the occasional jaunt with a neighbor or friend, but it has never been something I did on a regular basis. So crazy! 2. Running without music. I barely even give it a second thought when I leave the house without my phone strapped to my arm. Of course it also helps that I now have my Garmin watch to eekp track of timing and distance rather than my phone. I prefer to keep my phone on me, however until I get my flipbelt in the mail, this wont