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Lessons in speed training

Since I was able to remain injury free for over a year, I am working on getting some of my speed back. I have enlisted a good friend of mine who has run 5ks in the 25 minute range which might not be record breaking, but they are better times than mine. Earlier this spring we were chatting as we ran and I asked him what he did to get faster.   His answer? A combination of stairs/jump rope workouts as well as track/stairs workouts. I was intrigued and asked if he could show me sometime. Within the next week or so, we did just that. I met him at his place, we ran the 2 miles to a decent length of steps and we worked it out. We did 25 jump ropes, then we would run up and down the steps twice, quick break and repeat. We did this 4 times and then ran very slowly back to his place. Oh boy those 2 miles were intense and we had doubts we would make it! See? Those last two miles were BRUTAL! I was definitely feeling that for the next few days. I told my friend that I put this appointmen

Race Against Racism 2015

Disclaimer # 1, I ran this race back on April 25th. Disclaimer #2, this was, admittedly, my first time participating in a race against racism. I attended last year at the very end to see a friend who had run and watch a performance. I typically limit the number of races that I do in Harrisburg primarily because if they start on City Island, they are pretty much always the same course. This is not to say it is no absolutely beautiful running along the river, but when it is a 5k and always the exact same your brain gets a little bored. Anyway, enough about that. I had not done a Harrisburg City race in a while other than the 10 miler back in March. My employer was a sponsor for the race and as a way to get attendance, they were paying for the first 20 people who responded that they wanted to join. My department was very lucky in that 4 of us actually got a spot to run. We met before for some pictures. My department- I called us the MSSketers. We are in member services.