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Bird in Hand Half Marathon take 2

Last September I ran a really cool half marathon.. and when I say COOL.. I am not talking about the temperature. When I ran it  last year ,  Bird in Hand Half  was hot and humid making it hard to breathe let alone RUN! This year was a totally different story. The night before, the sky was clear and it was beautiful. My friend Emily and I arrived early in the afternoon to get packets for about 10 other running buddies and get settled into our hotel room. Packet pick up completed!  Another friend had recommended a little outing to  Kitchen Kettle Village  which did, but not without a little detour. When you see a sign that says free wine sampling.. you stop. And when you realize there is a brewery upstairs from the wine, you go enjoy that too. Even if you don't drink before long runs.. let alone a race!!  But boy was it good. And much needed. And refreshing..  From there we did make it to Kitchen Kettle Village and walked around until it was accept