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The journey continues

Dear internet, This journey of #yogacamp is incredible. I cannot think of a better way to have started out the year than this. You see, lots of other people around the globe (seriously!!) have joined up to journey together through 30 days of yoga. 25 days now I have traveled to my mat and followed through with a practice. There have been days...   where I almost forgot or was feeling lazy or tired. But I showed up!! That's the great thing about a home practice. It is on your time. The only real difficult thing that might get in your way is you. Sometimes it is really REALLY hard to get to that mat. Even if it just steps away. And that's ok. But it is always worth it. This 25 days of yoga has been pretty amazing. I can't tell you when the last time was that I did something for this many days straight.. well except sleep and eat ;). The other night my husband even said to me "Your 30 days of yoga is almost over..." and I sadly responded.. "yea it is..&q

A letter home...

Yesterday marked the second half of this journey through yoga camp from my girl  Adriene . When the announcement first came out that this was going to be a THING for the month of January, I quickly jumped on the website to sign up! Slated to start January 1, I knew this was the perfect opportunity to start the year fresh and new with a daily yoga practice.  The first few days were tough. I have begun to get back into running regularly after a short hiatus following Marine Corps Marathon  (recap here) , and doing yoga on top of that daily seemed time consuming. BUT. I knew I was in it for the long haul and I would show myself I can do it daily. I had a few days were I was so tired, but I showed up anyway. Each day brings a new practice with some new "shape" (as Adriene refers to them) that I have never done before and and contributes to my own personal sense of "find what feels good." Each day I drag my butt to that mat and get it done. Honestly, the

Find your happy

With the holidays over and winter cold finally setting in, it is sometimes hard to find things that make us feel happy or content with where we are.  For me, I have started out the year with an awesome 30-day Yoga Camp from the amazing  Yoga with Adriene . It is wonderful to do yoga every day. I am really enjoying the process and taking this time for myself each day.  I practice yoga in our spare bedroom upstairs and it is small and cozy.. Except for one thing.  This painting has been with us for the last 8ish year or more. My husband was gifted it from someone when he moved into his apartment right out of college and it has been with us ever since. I love the bright colors in it.. but other than that I have always found it a little odd. I have been saying this for years but we never settled on something to replace it.  Until now. In the fall, we grabbed a bunch of pallets for a volunteer project for Girls on the Run and I, being the hoarder  talented crafter