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Racing through life- Cap 10 miler

I have been such a terrible blogger. I had great intentions of blogging SO much more about my training experiences this spring and it just hasn't happened.  I really need to reset my intentions and plan time to update this blog. I love looking back at my thoughts on training, racing, and running throughout different periods and how can I do that if I am not writing? I do update A LOT over on good old  instagram  but it's just not the same as blogging. All of that being said, today I am sharing a local race recap for the  Capital 10 miler . This race was held on Saturday, April 2 2016 and we had the perfect running weather. Well, I like to think so. In all honesty, it was a tad rainy but this really worked to my advantage to keep me cool! Because it was a local race, a TON of my running group was represented again and we had a blast. Lets just pretend that my eyes are OPEN!! Holding flat members who were doing double duty racing that morning and didn't make the ph