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Labor Pain 2018- mud and other adventures

The fall (ish) race season is in full swing which gives me regular reasons to sit down and write... you're welcome. This past weekend, I joined many others at the starting line for Labor Pain 12 hour endurance race for the second year. (You can read about last year's nonsense  here .) I didn't really have any lofty goals other than to complete the 50k distance. This seemed like the most reasonable plan since my training has been a little all over the place this year. About a month ago I realized Labor Pain was fast approaching and, although I completed weekly runs of up to 15 miles, I decided I better get my butt in gear and run at least one 20-miler prior to race day. I was able to get the miles in and felt a little more prepared for a 50k. Since the race kind of snuck up on me, that means I also waited until a few days before the race to confirm carpooling, food and packing all my stuff. Like last year, Brad, Bekah and I drove together. Also like last year, we met ar