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Lessons in taking care of myself part 1

If you follow me on instagram, you might have noticed I am all yoga and little running lately. Don't worry!! I did not quit running. So what's the deal? I had some pain return in my left leg that I had not had since I trained last fall for Marine Corps Marathon. It only started to bother me when I was hitting higher mileage (18 or so for long runs) and started around a similar time this training cycle as well. Given that I have hopes to run a sub two hour half marathon in a few weeks, I decided that taking time off was probably my best (and only) bet. Almost two weeks ago, I recommitted myself to Yoga Camp and figured that I would continue to work through that and reintegrate  strength training (that has gone by the wayside in these high mileage weeks) in case it was a muscle weakness issue. I do feel like that has made some improvements but still kind of felt like my left leg had to be dragged along and there was just some kind of "hang up" keeping me f