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Inaugural Lucky Charm 5k/10k

Hey everyone!! Its been a while but I have some fun to share today. On February 19th I ran my first race of the season and it was SO much fun. Our local  Fleet Feet  store teamed up with some other local businesses and put on a great race in Harrisburg, PA. What made it so great? There are really a few reasons. First- I made designed my own shirt and got to rock my awesome  Crazy Compression  socks. I was super excited to wear both and run a holiday themed race, which was a first for me. I also sported the  Athleta Stripe Swagger Skort  - which I had never worn before and thank goodness it was comfortable as crazy!! Second- All my friends were there!!! This wasn't even ALL of us since some missed the photo opp. The third reason this was a great race?! I did a pretty darn awesome job running it. Although I wish I hadn't started out quite as quickly and saved a kick for the end, I am really happy with how this race went. I started out in the 8:30 m/m range and t

Living Radiantly with St. Ives!

So it's been a while since I have done a beauty product related post of any sort so hopefully this isn't too boring for you all. I am part of the  Influenster  community and every so often I get some pretty cool products to try out. They ask you to do different tasks to share the word- good, bad or ugly- on different social media platforms. This time around, I got to experience these treats. I got the Apricot body scrub which was the first thing I tried. I used to use the face wash religiously back in the day.. and this is just as awesome if not more so. I love the relaxing exfoliation that this scrub offers. It kind of makes you feel like you are at the spa getting a pedi and they are massaging that amazing stuff on your legs!! Seriously.  Plus, if you run or workout, this product seriously has some great post-workout shower qualities. You come out feeling extra squeaky clean!! The other product I received is this Pear Nectar and Soy body lotion. This lotion

Living the #tasclife!!

Hi there everyone!! With spring weather finally approaching and landing here in PA for the week, I thought I would share some of my FAVES from the  Tasc Performance  spring line. I was recently accepted into their ambassador program for 2016 and I am so so SO thankful for this opportunity. I was able to choose an initial head to toe outfit and then received credit to get some additional items. I really want it all!!! But here's what I ended up with.  For my head to toe  Nola Crop  (size small)                Fayala Racer  (size small) I also received the  Endurance Sports Bra  and the  Performance Bikini  (aka Bambooties!!). I absolutely loved all of these. The fit and comfort of the capris is amazing and your forget you even have the underwear on!! I actually worse the underwear to a trail race for the first time and I totally forgot I even wore them. I never felt them or got a wedgie (major win!!). I think if I were to order the Fayala rac