Into the woods

 Every week since I updated the look here, I keep telling myself I will write. Somehow life (or sleep) gets in the way and I never sit down to get started on anything.  Early last week, Bryan suggested that we take our long run to the Appalachian Trail and of course I agreed immediately. He knows how much I love running trails, especially the AT, and even more so, starting at Boiling Springs. I have a history with the AT, so running there always feels a little like home when we are able to run there.  Some areas had a little snow Friday and it was evident that the trail was sprinkled with a tiny amount- just enough to feel slightly magical. It's been a super mild winter here in PA, so we get excited every time we see even a flurry of snow.  There was no shortage of fun little fan mushrooms so I could not resist the urge to stop for a few photo ops. It seemed like they were doing some cleanup after the frequent high winds we have had lately, so I did see some areas with cut-down tre

.. Dusting off

 Please bare with me as I revamp the blog. I am finally back in a place where I am wanting to share my running/other life experience-type things and with that, I feel it is only appropriate to give this place an updated look. It has been close to 5 years since I have shared a thing here- mostly resorting to insta for random updates at best, so it's time! I look forward to writing and sharing more of the happenings of life. 

Labor Pain 2018- mud and other adventures

The fall (ish) race season is in full swing which gives me regular reasons to sit down and write... you're welcome. This past weekend, I joined many others at the starting line for Labor Pain 12 hour endurance race for the second year. (You can read about last year's nonsense  here .) I didn't really have any lofty goals other than to complete the 50k distance. This seemed like the most reasonable plan since my training has been a little all over the place this year. About a month ago I realized Labor Pain was fast approaching and, although I completed weekly runs of up to 15 miles, I decided I better get my butt in gear and run at least one 20-miler prior to race day. I was able to get the miles in and felt a little more prepared for a 50k. Since the race kind of snuck up on me, that means I also waited until a few days before the race to confirm carpooling, food and packing all my stuff. Like last year, Brad, Bekah and I drove together. Also like last year, we met ar

I'm a (trail) ragnarian

After a super long hiatus, here I am!! Over the winter and early spring, I was sidelined by an injury and had to go to PT. After missing all my spring races and so many miles, I have picked up training and am getting back into the racing scene again---- I couldn't be more thrilled. I know that running isn't all about the races, but they sure are FUN!!! About two months or so ago, a friend mentioned that a Ragnar team had couple people drop and were looking for replacements. I was a little tentative at first because I had already registered my nephew and I for a 5k on Saturday of the same weekend Ragnar would be held. I spoke with the team captain, and she said she would make sure I would be done with my part of the relay and could get home in time to run the 5k as well. Sure, sign me up!!! At the time, the event seemed so far away and then suddenly, I was rushing around trying to make sure I didn't forget to pack anything! Having never done a relay style race before, I

2017- a killer year for running

Can you believe that we made it through 2017 and here we are at the start of a new year full of new goals and possibilities? 2017 was a mixed bag for me. Running-wise it was fantastic, but other things not so much at all. Looking back at all of the things I have accomplished and all of the miles I have tackled make me feel nothing short of amazing. Incredible. Strong. BADASS. I wanted to do a quick run down of all the races I did this year. I didn't blog on all of them but I thought it would be fun. I ended up doing 18- YES EIGHTEEN races this year ranging from 1 mile to 100k (62+ miles) with a total of 1540 miles which is my highest mileage yet. So here goes, you ready?? 1.  Squirelly Tail Twail Wun  - 2/26/17, time 2:26:34. This was a super sweet, muddy race. The temperature was cold but not frigid and I had a course PR. I had so much fun and it was a great first race of the year for me. I plan to back in 2018 for year 4. 2.  Chambersburg half - 3/11/17, time 2:04:44.