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CRAZY Giveaway

A few months back, I announced that I was accepted to be a  Crazy Compression  ambassador and this excited me to no end. They have some freakin rockin socks. I have some others compression socks that are bright.. but none as amazing and colorful as these bad boys. FLAKES Rockin my Garden Spot Half Skulls at Marine Corps Marathon Tie Dye Sweetness Sleeve and short sock action all in one! Swirls Ambassador exclusive See how fun they are?? They are so totally business in the front, party in the back and I love them. Can't be serious all the time. Now here is the part you have been waiting for. As an ambassador I get to host a giveaway twice per year and it totally slipped my mind until someone else mentioned it... so here you are!! Crazy Compression   has allowed me to give away a pair of sleeves or compression socks, your pick!!  USA only please.  Winners will be notified December 23rd whether they have won. Clearly, they won't make

Hero Run 5K 2015

It might have been over a month since I ran my 12th and final race of the year, but it does not mean I forgot about it or that it wasn't AMAZING. Life got crazy.. oh wait.. it still is. But with the year end just around the corner, I thought I better get my butt in gear and get this recap completed. This is the third year of the race and third year of my participation. Some coworkers and I discovered this race three years ago and after the first was great, we decided we'd make it a tradition. So here we are at  Swatara Police Department Hero Run 2015 . They actually had the pre-race festivities inside the mall which was awesome. In past years it has always been FREEZING and windy as heck. Of course this year it ended up being very mild and no wind. It was still nice to have shelter in case and I hope that they keep this aspect of the race. we had to get silly with it! TMNT for life. They also had an awesome photo booth again.. so of course we were all over tha