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Where have all the days gone?!

So it has been a few weeks since a blog post.. let alone a marathon training update. This is the part where I am going to play catch up. Before the end of the week, I will be back to current with everything. I don't know where the time goes sometimes.. oh wait! It's called marathon training :) Week 11 brought a bit of a struggle. After the great week I had during week 10, I really tried not to get too discouraged. I managed to get in all my miles for the week but was in pretty excruciating pain in my right ankle/side shin area. KT Tape became a very close friend of mine again. I love what KT tape does, but I really hate when I have to use it because it generally means I am not able to run at my best because something has gone wrong. I stayed taped up for all of my runs, but for some reason was still feeling terrible. Wednesday's 8 miles was especially terrible. My leg hurt so bad that I was almost wondering if I had a stress fracture, but no! Just a lot of muscle p

Sometimes I make stuff

I am sure you have seen all the super cool tanks and shirts out there with different funny or motivating phrases printed on them. I really like them all and appreciate the work that went into them and the businesses that create them. Unfortunately, the price tags of $20-$30 just really are not realistic for the budget, especially knowing they are thin tanks. So, what's a girl to do? Well she makes her own of course. I used my handy dandy  Silhouette Cameo  to design and cut heat transfer vinyl to turn plain jane tanks into something fun. I bought plain burnout tanks for about $7 each and then ironed each design on. I guess I should have taken more step by step photos, but if anyone is interested in more info, I can come up with one. Here are the tanks with each design laid out on top. Once the design is cut by the machine, the letters have to be separated from the "waste" part. If you have thin letters, just take your time and be careful because sometimes they ge

Marathon Training Update

Last week somehow managed to slip away from me so here I am with a two week update.  Week 10 started out a little rough but I take sole responsibility for that one. I didn't fuel properly prior to leaving and I didn't bring water with me. The park I was headed to at the halfway point had a water fountain. Normally this would have been completely sufficient, but not when I started out with so little in the tank. Beautiful view at the halfway point Less than stellar, but it was done! Wednesday morning I ran with someone new and it was a huge challenge for me. The weather was cooler and it made for a fantastic run. Much better than Tuesday! Beautiful art along the way and that we did. Thursday brought a solo run and it was honestly just as fabulous. The weather was still cool and it felt great to keep a faster pace.   The feeling great thing hung on to a great 17 miler on Saturday too. It really felt pretty easy going the ent