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Into the woods

 Every week since I updated the look here, I keep telling myself I will write. Somehow life (or sleep) gets in the way and I never sit down to get started on anything.  Early last week, Bryan suggested that we take our long run to the Appalachian Trail and of course I agreed immediately. He knows how much I love running trails, especially the AT, and even more so, starting at Boiling Springs. I have a history with the AT, so running there always feels a little like home when we are able to run there.  Some areas had a little snow Friday and it was evident that the trail was sprinkled with a tiny amount- just enough to feel slightly magical. It's been a super mild winter here in PA, so we get excited every time we see even a flurry of snow.  There was no shortage of fun little fan mushrooms so I could not resist the urge to stop for a few photo ops. It seemed like they were doing some cleanup after the frequent high winds we have had lately, so I did see some areas with cut-down tre