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Self-care Saturday

The past two weeks I haven't posted a single blog entry again. I am not falling back off the blogging wagon. At least I am TRYING not to. I was doing well. I planned out Monday afternoons to sit and write, to get posts ready for the coming week. The last two Mondays have been busy and I didn't get that time. It is clear that if I don't set aside time, it won't get done. You see... between work, running, taking care of household stuff and trying to make sure I still give myself time to rest and relax... there isn't always much time left at the end of the day sometimes. That being said, I wanted to reflect a little on the self-care idea. I have learned that if I don't do something regularly for me.. just me.. it is not good. I am not talking lavish spa days or even a trip to the salon. Sometimes its just eating a really well balanced meal, others it might be taking time to paint my toenails, or even just taking time to putz around in the garden outside. The

Thinking Out Loud Thursday

So I am a little late to the party today, but never the less I am joining  Running with spoons  again for some random "thinking out loud." I will start with why I am blogging so darn late in the day- work was holy terror, then I had a hair cut (LOVE!!!), came home for about an hour, talked to my neighbor and then went on a rainy run with friends. Today was rainy, I started work early to cover for someone who was off, and it was just entirely too busy. Stress from the start of the day is just too much for me. Took a step back, took a deep breath and just mustered on hour by hour today. The hair cut!! My hair salon moved and their new place is super cute. I haven't had a cut in almost a year and was pretty excited to get freshened up.  I have been obsessed with watching this Netflix series  13 reasons why . While the premise of the series is sad and revolves around a teen suicide, this series is addicting as heck. It is hard to stop watching an

April fitness goals

I am not usually one to publicly display my goals, but I feel this one needs talked about. Back in January, I embarked on a month long yoga journey via  Yoga Revolution  thanks to  Yoga with Adrienne  (you can download them  here  for donation or access on youtube for free.) This was the second year I started with one of her challenges and I felt so fulfilled a the end of it. After 2016's "Yoga Camp," I vowed to myself that I would practice at least once each week which I mostly stuck to. After this year's program concluded, I decided I would do the same. Well kids we are now in April and let me tell you something. It is no longer enough. Some days, I am so tense mentally and physically that I really JUST. NEED.MORE. source Working at a desk 8 hours a day and then sticking to my goal of 100 miles or more every month makes me feel all rigid, antsy, and inflexible (just to name a few.) By the end of January I felt great body and (mostly) mind. Although 1 da

April Fools Capital 10 Miler

This past weekend marked my fourth weekend in a row with a race. As fun as it's been, I am really looking forward to a more low key weekend this coming week. That being said, this was a hometown race which is always so fun. I belong to some running groups that always have big showings at these races and of course we have some fun getting pictures of our large and loud crew. 8:30 AM with the Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg Crew 8:40am with the River Runner Crew From there, I went on a partial loop of City Island with my girl Katie for a warm up. The plan called for 1 mile, I got in about .7 and called it good. It was time to stretch it out a little and find my spot at the start line.  It is always funny to line up at the start. There is a guessing game I always play with myself about where I am less likely to get sucked into starting WAY too fast, but also not getting behind the crowd where I then have to weave in and out to get to where I should have been in the firs