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just barely... Inspiration Thursday!

Just when I think .. "oh hey I will work my booty off Monday so I can do other things the rest of the week" something happens. Last week, work was killer. This week, my body hates me!! Yep, hubs and I both got sick. Anyway, here I am at 11:46pm on Thursday attempting to get a post out there. One of these days.... sigh. via via via (sooo true!!!!) via ... totally mental. GET PAST IT and GO!! via Anything for you... haha via via  me aaaaall the time. BUT on the bright side, running then (sometimes) gives me energy for other things! Well happy Thursday .. a few minutes from Friday :)

Inspiration Thursday!!

Wow! What a week it's been so far. All the more reason to put out a dose full of inspiration today. It is definitely one of those Thursdays that SHOULD be a Friday because it has been that much WEEK already. Anyone with me on this?? Either way here is some inspiration for you and I hope it helps push you out the door today- to the streets, to the gym, to the weight room.  via via via via via via I hope you can find some strength to make it through the rest of the week and enjoy the weekend :) I will be back tomorrow with some awesome news.. which if you follow me on social media.. you already know!  Happy Thursday my friends!


I typically don't post much or at all on weekends, but didn't want to hold off until Monday on this one. Also, I hope you all survived the time change.. whew! I know I will be adjusting for the next week or so. On Friday, I went to this wonderful farmer's market about 5 minutes from where I work. I actually found out about it from a mother I babysit for who eats primarily vegetarian and recently gluten free. I have been there once before to pick up some things and discovered how truly amazing this place is. Now, they do carry things year round that don't grow in this area, so it is not 100% local but I can tell you it is fresh and fabulous. I do have other markets that I love to frequent during the summer months that are open air, but this one is my favorite for the winter months. I was able to get quite the haul on Friday for just around 18 bucks.  Brussels sprouts, kale, broccoli,2 zucchini,2 yellow squash, a carrot, 2 sweet potatoes, asparagus, fingerli

Inspiration Thursday!

Yay!! It's back. Yep, I am REALLY trying to get back into the swing of things and with that is a wonderful Inspiration Thursday post. I am getting stronger and faster again but it doesn't mean I don't still need a bump out the door. Here I am to share :) via via Yea, definitely need this one this winter!! It has been SO cold and snowy. I know that before long we will all complain about how hot and humid it is, but seriously over winter. Can it just be fall?? via This is really just beautiful.  via  what an awesome tat idea- ok maybe not inspiring, but maybe so. via via via Hope these quotes find you well and provide the needed kick in the pants that we all require at times.  Talk to you all soon! 

J'adore VoxBox

So I wrote earlier about one specific product, the Boots USA clay mask  here . Now I am here to do a little run down of ALL the awesome products I received from  Influenster  for testing and reviewing purposes. If you follow me on social media, you have seen a lot of these pics so I apologize, but here is my recap. This first pic is just of the whole box as I opened it. I was so excited because this is by far the BIGGEST box I have received yet and its contents did not disappoint. Quick kind of funny story before I go any further. So this box was Valentines themed (as it was called J'adore) and mine actually arrived and was in our mailbox that evening. Sadly, there was a tragedy in the process. Where we live we have one of those big mailbox centers and when you have a package that doesn't fit in your regular box, you get a key for down below. Well, my husband was trying to be really nice and get it out for me BUT the key for the package box seriously BROKE!! They key wa

Boots Botanics Clay mask review

Hey everyone!! A little non-running related post for those interested in beauty type products. As part of Influenster I received this pretty sweet clay mask (compliments of them - for testing and review purposes only).  I don't do a whole of clay masks or facial products outside of the typical because my face likes to dislike ingredients- natural or not!! Long story short the mask  here - is quite amazing. It makes your face feel like it might crack if you move the wrong way, but it sure does make your skin feel super smooth afterwards. Extra bonus- my face didn't break out or have any terrible reactions!!  A nice little visual for ya-  via Do you use any kind of face mask?  What is your favorite brand?