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January Yoga Challenge Recap

For those of you that follow me on instagram, you know that I have been faithfully hitting the mat for every day of January. I am not going to lie- it has not always been easy. During the week it was generally easy to get done because I would practice at my lunch break. The weekends got tricky with long runs and other obligations. Most importantly, even when it got hard to, I showed up for myself. With the exception of Day 1, I completed each day on the assigned day and I am so proud of that. Last year I doubled up quite a few times. January 1st I worked all day then we went to visit family and we actually got home after midnight so I decided I would just get a good night's rest then hit it the next day. Each week day I would anxiously await my lunch break from work so that I could hit the mat. I loved that this series had practices that were generally 30 minutes or less. It made it so much easier for me to make the time for it and my brain and body were so grateful. Practic

Beer Runners and a trail run

This past weekend I got to experience a really fun event hosted by Christopher McDougall, author of Born to Run . We met at a park in Lancaster County about 45 minutes away and there were various distances available. We did a goofy warm up/ice breaker where we had to crawl on our hands and feet towards the middle of the circle, high five someone then go backwards to our starting point. Unlucky for us, we had to go backwards up hill.. SO HARD!! From there, we split up into 3, 5 and 7 mile run groups and were off on our merry way. There were some spots that were definitely very challenging, but overall I loved this trail run. They wove us in and out of a few different trails and we had minimal time on the road. Our group somewhat stuck together and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Some highlights were: 1.  The crazy deer stampede that had us all (almost) peeing our pants and fearing for our lives. 2.  Passing through a covered bridge. This may not be too exciting for