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Hershey Half Marathon take 2

WARNING:  This isn’t going to be your typical race recap- it may also be a little lengthy. Bare with me.  A little over a week before Hershey Half Marathon was set to take place, my phone vibrated and when I checked the message it was one from a friend asking if I’d like dibs on a free bib to run. HECK YEA!!! I hadn’t planned on running any more long distance races this year since I had just completed my first 50k merely a week before. The being said, as a stubborn runner who doesn’t like to miss out on an awesome opportunity, I could not turn this down.  I responded very quickly that I would love to. I was not sure how my performance would be at all but I knew I could not miss out.  I have mentioned to a couple runner friends how much I wanted to go back and do this race, but figured I would have to wait to see if it would be in the cards for 2017. Last year I decided against running it because I had a marathon the following week.  This year, the 50k two weeks prior and I had

Blue Cruise 50k 2016- My first ultra

Let me just start this post by saying... HOLY CRAP I AM AN ULTRA RUNNER!!!!! Now let's get down to business. The Blues Cruise 50k started at 8:30am with packet pick up starting at 7:30am. Needless to say, we were up extra early and arrived plenty early. We grabbed our awesome swag and headed back to the car to get everything ready. And of course snapped some ridiculous pictures to capture the moments prior to my first 50k ever. So thankful that I had my awesome  tasc Performance  gear on. It held up well and was so comfortable the entire race.  This photo was taken by one of the photographers really early on in the race- probably around mile 2-3. We were trying to really pace ourselves coming down the gravel hill- it was way too easy to want to FLY! Blues Cruise is known for its pretty epic aid stations. Even the first one was entertaining as we were greeted by this lovely smoking nun. I didn't really take anything from the first station other than so