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I am alive!!

Hey lovely followers, I promise I have not forgotten about my dear blog dedicated to my love in fitness and mostly running. You see, I have been busy getting ready for Thanksgiving (in crafter fashion I decided I needed to make stuff) and somehow have had little time and/or energy to post didly squat. In addition to this, my running is still seriously on hold until I get to a doctor. I have never recovered from whatever injury I acquired during my half marathon training and then just made worse by not giving myself a full chance to rest. I have done just that the past 3 weeks and although it seems like it feels a lot better, when I try to run or do anything with too much intensity, my left shin/calf hate me. Going to work on getting an appointment after Turkey day and go from there. Here is to hoping I can be back to running by the new year! It is literally KILLING ME to not be able to run. Doing other stuff like riding the wonky bike and the eliptical at my work gym just isn't t

Energy Bits review & giveaway

Thanks to  Energy Bits  for providing a complimentary sample for the purpose of this review as well as sponsoring a giveaway so that one lucky winner (USA ONLY, sorry!) can see what it's all about. Before I even go into the product itself, I just have to say how blown away I am with this awesome company.They really provide you with lots of literature when they send you a sample to review. I mean you can really feel the love and pride they have in their product. Not only this, but I love that they send you all the ins and outs of the seriously EVERYTHING you might want to know about this product before you put it in your precious body. In fact, I was almost overwhelmed with the amount of (amazing) info provided.  Anyway, moving on to the product itself. I was honestly very  a little worried when opened the tin and the smell kind of reminded me of fish food we fed our fishes as kids. I decided to not let it bother me and just see what happened. It was a little over a

The time I tried Crossfit

Sometime in the last week or so, our local cross fit gym, CrossFit 717, posted on facebook that they were going to hold a free running clinic followed by a workout. Being a lover of trying new (especially free) things I wanted to jump right on this. Of course, the first obstacle was trying to switch work hours. Once I got that squared away,  I RSVP’ed to the event.  They told me I just needed to come in workout clothes if I intended to participate and bring my running shoes. No problemo. Fast forward to Wednesday. I worked the 8-4:30 shift, drove home in time to get changed and head the big whopping 1 mile to CrossFit 717. I arrived at about 5:23pm and there were already a TON of people in there. The side I entered from was a big garage door that was open and you could see right into the main gym area. I quickly found “a box” to sit on and there was an area of chairs that was mostly full too. Both co-owners also practice Physical Therapy in the area which to me is a great “cross-