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12 hour Labor Pain

At the beginning of the year, I set a few really crazy goals and set out to achieve them. I don't think I ever really wrote much about any of them because, to be honest, they were SUPER scary to me. Mostly because I wasn't sure how my body would hold up knowing that during the last two fall training cycles, I ended up with KT Tape holding me together. I was scared that I would sign up for races with these amazing mileage goals and my body would refuse to participate. I asked around and did some online "research" for quick exercises that I could do to try to prevent a repeat for the third year in a row. I wanted to make these scary goals attainable, but knew it was unrealistic to think I was going add in additional 30 minute long training sessions on top of all the running I would be doing. Thankfully, leading up to last weekend my body felt great. It might sound a little pompous, but I felt really strong and confident. For me, this is a HUGE change from last y

Shop with Scrip

A few weeks ago, if we're Facebook friends you may have watched my SUPER awkward live video. If you watched already, scroll on through. If not, feel free to do so now. I was talking about the super awesome  Shop With Scrip  and how they are fundraising for Girls on the Run and you can too!! Through my involvement with  GOTR Capital Area  as a volunteer and Solemate , I got the opportunity to share more about this great way to fund-raise. I would really love to see our local council or Solemate group be able to utilize Shop With Scrip in the future. I have volunteered at numerous local GOTR 5k races, participated on 5k planning committees, and have raised money as a Solemate for the 4th year in a row. I really appreciate everything that GOTR stands for and teaches young girls and I think we all wish there was something like GOTR when we were younger. I enjoy every event that I have participated in and will continue to sing praises for GOTR. So what's the deal wit