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Thinking Out Loud

Oh a random Thursday post!!

In an effort to post more regularly but still be somewhat meaningful, I thought I'd try playing along again with this fun link up.

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You ready for the random?
1. Today is my make up hill workout. Last night I did a cross training workout and I am pretty nervous that those hills are going to add insult to injury. Not actual injury, but I sure am sore!!

2. Today I also am headed to my work office for the first time in a few months which means getting up extra early, hauling all my crap there, and a whole pile of stuff I don't have to worry about at home.. I often take working from home for granted.. but on these days I am reminded to appreciate every second.

3. FREAKING OUT A LITTLE. Training for this 100k is getting really real. LIKE REALLY REAL, guys. Like I have 23 mile training run this weekend. WHO DOES THAT? I had a conversation with a friend yesterday where we were making fun of each other. She is training for a marathon and running…

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