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The Glorious Mile

On Wednesday July 19th, I was signed up for the annual Harrisburg Mile for the second year in a row. Even after last year royally sucked and I thought I was going to vomit from coughing so hard when I was done, I signed up to torture myself another time.

I knew the heat was going to be an issue once again and that it would actually be a little more miserable than last year. My heat didn't start until 7:15, but I met up with friends around 5:45 pm to partake in a little adult beverage consumption prior to heading to the event.
(borrowed from Beer Runners facebook group!)

I shared a yummy summer shandy- some kind of pear flavor- with Bekah, then a few of us started a slow, sloppy jog up to the finish area. We saw a few friends, then headed to the midway point to drop our bags and then finally to starting area. 
Team #runwild 
We found some more friends and stood to wait for our heat to be called. Unfortunately, the sky was getting REALLY black and we saw some lightening in the dista…

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