2017- a killer year for running

Can you believe that we made it through 2017 and here we are at the start of a new year full of new goals and possibilities?

2017 was a mixed bag for me. Running-wise it was fantastic, but other things not so much at all. Looking back at all of the things I have accomplished and all of the miles I have tackled make me feel nothing short of amazing. Incredible. Strong. BADASS. I wanted to do a quick run down of all the races I did this year. I didn't blog on all of them but I thought it would be fun. I ended up doing 18- YES EIGHTEEN races this year ranging from 1 mile to 100k (62+ miles) with a total of 1540 miles which is my highest mileage yet.

So here goes, you ready??

1. Squirelly Tail Twail Wun - 2/26/17, time 2:26:34. This was a super sweet, muddy race. The temperature was cold but not frigid and I had a course PR. I had so much fun and it was a great first race of the year for me. I plan to back in 2018 for year 4.

2. Chambersburg half- 3/11/17, time 2:04:44. I had high hopes for this race and had hoped to PR and complete the race in under 2 hours. I was on target for this goal until about mile 10 where the wind and cold crushed my spirit and I was ready to just get to the finish line. Being the stubborn idiot I am, I signed up for the 2018 race the next day. I need redemption and here's to hoping I get it.

3. Lucky Charm 10k- 3/18/17, time 54:17. This is a relatively new race to the area and really is just plain old fun. So many of my local running pals come out and dress up in as much green as we possibly can, run and then go for drinks/food after!! What's not to love?

4. Marine Corps 17.75k- 3/25/17, time 1:50:50. I ran this race as a favor to a friend so she could have guaranteed entry to her 5th Marine Corps Marathon. She managed to be double booked to run her first 50k that day so I didn't hesitate to help her out when she asked. It was a somewhat challenging course but it was fun and I would love to do it again!!

5. Capital 10 miler- 4/1/17, time 1:31:23. Another local race where I got to run with all my friends! It was not my BEST time on the course, but I had run quite a few races in the weeks prior so I tried not to be too hard on myself.

6. Race Against Racism- 4/29/17, time 25:12. Although this race was a little short of a true 5k according to my watch, I felt great. It was humid but rainy and I felt pretty unstoppable.. except when I had to stop for water because I started out way too fast. Such is the struggle of the darn 5k. This race I got to do for free through work and you know I jumped on that chance.

7. Harper's Ferry Half- 5/13/17. time 2:12:09. This half kicked my BUTT!! My legs felt tired from the start, but climbing those hills was killer. I remember getting done and saying that I felt like I had just completed a 50k because my legs were that WRECKED. I will definitely go back for another shot, just not sure I will make it in 2018.

8. Iron Run Half- 6/10/17, time 2:47:01. I somehow missed writing about this one, but it was the third year running this race. This is a great trail race which didn't go all that great for me this time. I think I needed new shoes because my legs felt terrible the first half. I hope I never miss one of these races!

9. Carlisle's Summerfair 10k- 58:57:14. I didn't write about this race either for some reason. I remember it was VERY HOT and I got a terrible side stitch that just wouldn't take a hike. It was really just a training run in reality but I was still bummed it didn't go as well as I had hoped.

10. Harrisburg Mile- 7/19/17, time 7:38 by the clock 7:35 by my watch. I believe my watch more. HA! This race was wild. There was a storm that rolled in and kept causing them to delay the different racing heats. We got tired of waiting and since the timing mats were still on, Bekah and I raced each other. It was amazing fun.

11. Double Trouble 30k- 7/23/17, time 4:12:06. This race was fantastic. We lucked out and had great weather and I felt so happy with my time. In 2016, I did one loop and thought I'd die (partially due to the smart choice to give blood a few days prior) and wouldn't have been back to do a second loop if I had wanted to. This year I came in well under the cut off to go on a second loop and was so beyond happy. I used this as a training run and just as a good test of my endurance at this point in the year.

12. Glo Run 5k- 8/27/17, time 32:24.07. This was my yearly fun themed run with my oldest nephew, Adam. I was pretty intrigued by the glow pineapple (check it out in the post) and I think we were not disappointed. Adam really enjoyed that it was all contained at the Carlisle Fairgrounds so we may end up going back in 2018.

13. Labor Pain Ultra - 9/3/17, time 11:07:21. This was a pivotal moment in my racing schedule this year. I used this race as a great test to see how far I could go in the allotted 12 hours. I wanted to see how I would feel after running for so long and the answer..?? INCREDIBLE. I wish I had the time to go that last loop to get to 50 miles. Even though I was tired, I was so determined and was on cloud 9 for the whole day. I cannot WAIT to run in it again in 2018.

14. Freedom's Run Marathon- 9/30/17, time 4:25:54. TOTAL SUPER PR. Previous marathon times of just above 5 hours so I was thrilled when I crossed that finish line. There might have been tears. Don't quote me on that. Just another ounce of proof that my training and hard work was most definitely paying off.

15. Hershey Half Marathon- 10/15/17, time 2:02:10 which was actually a course and half PR for me by 37 seconds. Nothing crazy but I was excited to at least make a little progress in the right direction towards sub- 2 hours. It was really humid that day and even though I was running a great pace the first 6 miles with the help of a friend, I totally died for a while after and later was able to regroup and finish strong.

16. Swatara Police 5k- 11/5/17, time 24:41. I was thrilled with my performance at this race. I don't typically LOVE the 5k distance, but it was totally my jam that day. Bekah and I ran 3 miles before the race and then 4 after. The race measured a little short of the 5k on my watch, and because I was basically going to PR, I kept going until my watch said 3.1 to make it at least Garmin official.

17. Harrisburg Marathon Relay- 11/12/17, time 40:15 for 4.72 miles. The Diamond Crew was at it again and signed up for the relay, in the same order as 2016 of course. I was last up and ran like the wind. I have no idea how because I had completed 20 miles on the trail two days prior, and then another 5.2 miles the day right before. I wasn't going to have time for the super long run on my schedule that weekend, so I decided to try the tired legs scenario. Judging by my mile splits, I did ok.

18. Devil Dog 100k- 12/1/17, time 17:31:31. THE GRAND FREAKING FINALE. I still can't believe that I accomplished this goal. I mean I knew my body was capable after Labor Pain, but I wasn't feeling as confident as I lined up at the start line. I am so SO grateful that I had the support from friends and family to do everything I needed to get me to the finish line.

So there you have it. 2017 races all wrapped up in a pretty little package. It's been an amazing running year. I haven't really set any major goals in stone yet for 2018, but I do know that it's going to be fantastic and full of so many miles, friends and fun that I am smiling just thinking about it.  I have no doubt that 2018 in general is going to rock my world and I can't wait to see what's in store for me both in my running life and outside of it.

What goals do you have for 2018?


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