Here goes

So I have decided to keep a blog to keep my thoughts about fitness in general, but surely it will mostly be dedicated to my new found (in the past year) extreme love of running. I guess for my first post I will tell a little about myself and my fitness history.
I was never into sports really growing up. We played outside as much as possible, rode bikes all over the place, rollerbladed and that was the extent of that. In school I always hated having to run the mile and fitness testing.. not that I was overweight or anything, just not very strong or fit. In high school I was in marching band which is a lot of work, but no "regular sports." Moving on to college I think I gained about 10-15 lbs my first year.. not right away but gradually. I started to go to the gym regularly and typically worked on the elipticals or stair climbers and a little weight lifting. During the summers I continued these efforts and got back on track. I have done some other things over the year but not until a friend introduced me to the Couch 2 5k program. I started it thinking, "well I will see how far I get, but I will never make running a regular thing." That was March/April 2011 and here I am about a year and a half later borderline obsessed with it.  I never thought I'd enjoy running 1 mile let alone 3 or 5!!! I have done 2 5ks so far and I have signed up for 2 this fall. I have a wish list of ones I want to complete in the next year and hope to be able to do more than I have in 2012. 
So that is the general run down of me. I decided to start a blog not just for myself, but in hopes to maybe inspire even just one other person to challenger themselves to do something.. start running, take a zumba class, sign up for a 5k. All that matters is we continue to challenge ourselves and be the best versions of ourselves we can be.


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