Some Thursday Inspiration

It totally slipped my mind that I should have gotten this together LAST night instead of tonight. I am working all weekend, so for me this just didn't really feel much like Thursday.

Anyway on with the inspiration :)

(source) loving on this. ignore the haters :P

(source) we chose who to listen to.

And Run, He Is We
(source) so simple yet so powerful.

workout inspirations - Google Search,  Go To to get more Gossip News!
(source) yep, rock it!

Meant here as a workout inspiration but I think its a mind set we should have everyday.
(source) fitness, food, friends: be proud of the choices you make.

Hope you all had a great Thursday!! I hope to get my review posts together for Monday/Tuesday. Like I said, working all weekend so I won't have much time for much else, but I will do my best :)
Have a great weekend!


  1. Love it! I needed that!

  2. I love these Jodi - and am pinning them right now!!!
    Thanks for sharing

  3. I just found you and am now following-love these inspirational quotes! I'd love you to visit and say hi :)


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