Halobelt review

A few weeks ago I learned of the opportunity to review this pretty cool product called the  Halo Belt. I actually heard about it through a fellow SweatPink Ambassador and I could not be more grateful. Thanks to Gillian of That's G for sharing this review opportunity!!

A day or two after I responded to the post that I was interested in reviewing, I received an email from a company rep to get my mailing info and a few days later... ba-bam! I had a halo belt in my mailbox.

Here is my little picture wearing the belt. It is literally a waistband of reflection and light. It has two options- steady light and strobe. Hint: do not look directly at the belt and turn on the strobe light - it might blind you. I do not know from personal experience, but ahem, I might know someone who does.

Me wearing the Halo Belt

They advertise the belt to be used in many ways- running, biking, walking, and for kids. I love how simple it is to put on and the adjustable belt allows it to fit different sizes of people. Sadly, even when I adjusted it all the way- it was a little too big!!! I know I know- what a tough problem but seriously, it was a little annoying having to push the belt down a few times during the course of my run. It would be nice if the belt could either be made a little smaller, or sell a smaller version for children or.. uhhh... people who have been the same size since the 6th grade.. not that I would know anyone like that. It would also be cool to have even a small storage spot for my phone or a key. 

I definitely am excited to use the Halo Belt on many runs, bike rides and even a Rock N Glow run this summer.  I felt very visible and was not worried about whether other pedestrians and drivers could see me. 

Pedestrian Safety

Halo X - (two Halo Belt 2.0) - Cycling safety

If you do any running at all in the dark- as the sun is rising or setting- you need to have one of these belts. I have always worried about visibility at night and now I don't have to!!!

Do you wear reflective gear or lights when you run in the dark or low lit areas? What is your favorite way to be seen??

disclaimer: I was given this product to review and received no other compensation than the product itself. All opinions and thoughts represented in this post are my own.


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