I typically don't post much or at all on weekends, but didn't want to hold off until Monday on this one. Also, I hope you all survived the time change.. whew! I know I will be adjusting for the next week or so.

On Friday, I went to this wonderful farmer's market about 5 minutes from where I work. I actually found out about it from a mother I babysit for who eats primarily vegetarian and recently gluten free. I have been there once before to pick up some things and discovered how truly amazing this place is. Now, they do carry things year round that don't grow in this area, so it is not 100% local but I can tell you it is fresh and fabulous.

I do have other markets that I love to frequent during the summer months that are open air, but this one is my favorite for the winter months. I was able to get quite the haul on Friday for just around 18 bucks. 

Brussels sprouts, kale, broccoli,2 zucchini,2 yellow squash, a carrot, 2 sweet potatoes, asparagus, fingerlings, and I think I got it all. I was too tired until I got home to lay it on the counter and take a picture but I will be sure to share what I make with it all. 

I love farmer's markets all year round to save so much money on my produce. Since eating better I continued to be dismayed every time I have to go to the grocery to pick anything up because the prices are so out of control. Don't mind me, I will just wait until Farmer's market day and buy right from them. 

Do you have a favorite farmer's market? Do you have any near you that are open all year long? 


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