Dear Adriene

Dear Adriene,

For the last three weeks you have sent me wonderful emails and guided me through a daily practice. I was a little worried about staying consistent for an entire 30 days; this was something I had never done before. Your emails each day encouraged me to make the daily practice be whatever I needed it to be.

Each day, the mantras guided my practice in whatever form I needed them to. I love how encouraging you are in every single video. You encourage to be who you are, where you are, and not worry about all the other stuff. Leave it behind. I love this. 

Your jokes and silly comments through practice make me feel like you are right there with me. Practicing. Laughing. Like I know you. Like you aren't just someone on my TV screen that I have never met. I love that about your videos and I think it sets you apart. No yoga robots. 

I have learned so much about yoga and myself during this yoga camp sesh. It is possible to do yoga 30 days in a row. Yoga isn't all about being the bendy-est person, or the one who can do the most or be the most. Yoga is about time out, time away, and time for myself. It doesn't matter when or where you do it or even who you do it with or without. It really just matters that you show up. I can't remember how many times you mentioned that its great to even get to the mat, even if it is only for a tiny slice of time. So true!!

You taught me how to use essential oils to make amazing smells to make me (and my mat) feel wonderful. I didn't have the exact oils you mention in your video but I used what I had (and felt right). I love both videos in the link; there is the one from the Whole foods channel plus the actual tutorial. They both just continue to put forth the very genuine person you are. 

I guess all in all I just want to say thank you. Thank you for yoga camp and thank you SO SO much for being you. I really appreciate that you post amazing free video practices on youtube so that people all over the country (and WORLD) can enjoy. I used to think yoga was on the hokey side and that it just wasn't for me. You changed that. Home practice is beautiful and having a friend (you!) to guide me through it at any time of day and any day of the week is an incredible thing.

Thank you. Thank you, THANK YOU!!



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