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Hi there everyone!! With spring weather finally approaching and landing here in PA for the week, I thought I would share some of my FAVES from the Tasc Performance spring line. I was recently accepted into their ambassador program for 2016 and I am so so SO thankful for this opportunity.

I was able to choose an initial head to toe outfit and then received credit to get some additional items. I really want it all!!! But here's what I ended up with. 

For my head to toe 
Nola Crop (size small)

Fayala Racer (size small)

I also received the Endurance Sports Bra and the Performance Bikini (aka Bambooties!!).

I absolutely loved all of these. The fit and comfort of the capris is amazing and your forget you even have the underwear on!! I actually worse the underwear to a trail race for the first time and I totally forgot I even wore them. I never felt them or got a wedgie (major win!!). I think if I were to order the Fayala racer tank again, I'd go with an extra small. It is VERY loose and flowy which is awesome, but I think the small is a little too loose for me. I love the colors and they made me SO ready for spring. 

Next up.. since it was still so cold around here, I decided to order some of the warmer offerings of Tasc performance and I was NOT disappointed. I was so impressed with how quickly it all shipped and everything in the order was JUST right. 

First up, my favorite for running... 

Why it's so great? Well it is seriously thin and comfortable but the warmest (without being too warm) piece of running gear I have ever had in my life. It only comes in black, so with it being winter and dark all the time, I actually added the reflective star pattern. That is probably the only thing that would improve this winter running staple -- more reflective area on the front to increase visibility. I have run in this piece in 30 degrees and below and its been perfect...highly recommend!!

This is also amazing.. just for lounging around, running errands, or whatever other adventures life hands you. I was in love with the color, thumb holes, and overall fit. I took a chance ordering the extra small and I can still fit a long sleeve shirt underneath if needed. It is so soft and cozy!

Riverwalk Pant (size small)

Yea.. these are amazing too. I need like 5 pairs so I can wear them EVERY DAY. No seriously. The are crazy comfy, They are not super bulky but they are so warm and I want to live all of my life in them. I wear them at home or out to run errands, they are perfect Friday pants!!

Bayou Booty Tight (size small)

Just like the other capris, these are super comfortable. They actually have pockets on the side which are pretty sweet. I did a test run with my phone in the right pocket and it didn't bother me for 4 miles! I barely even knew it was there. That's a win my friends. The bottoms of the legs are actually kind of pulled up in this really cute way too (click the link above to see a picture).

I also  grabbed two items for the hubs to try-- so I can tell you what is good and spread the word!!

I got the boxer brief and the performance sock in men's for him to try out. I am really glad I did because he is in love with both of them. He reports that the briefs are very soft and comfortable and agreed with me that you forget you are even WEARING them. No joke. He told me the socks really keep his feet cool, even in thick, not so cool, work boots. I am glad that he loves them and I will be ordering more in the future for sure. 

Overall, Tasc has really hit the mark on their products. The items fit true to size from what I have seen and the fabrics are super comfortable. I look forward to trying shorts, skorts, and other warmer weather apparel in months to come. 

I cannot wait to share even more awesomeness with you next time!! This is really a company to check out. They are really doing what they can to be a environmentally friendly and comfortable active gear manufacturer. 

Please comment below with any questions, or if you have tried Tasc in the past!! Or if you want to try it, use FF0103-hjA6 to enjoy 15% off your purchase until 3/31/16.

** I did not receive any monetary compensation to write my views- they gave me credit to choose which items I would like in exchange for writing a review and other promotion by word of mouth. As previously mentioned, I am a 2016 ambassador for Tasc Performance I These views are solely my own and not those of Tasc. **


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