Lazy bones

So over the weekend I was incredibly lazy. Well, ok lets go with "resting." In recent weeks I think I went a little overboard with stacking up too much mileage and I think doing my knees an injustice. I have decided to slow down on how many days I run and not push quite as far for a little in hopes that my body likes me a little more. I had intentions of getting up on Sunday to go, however we had such a busy and wonderful day Saturday, I felt that resting up was more important. While I feel this was half true, my legs got pretty sore over the weekend and this made it a little of a struggle during my 4 miles this morning. This bring me to my next interesting story. I took a different route than usual- one that I have only taken once before and then switched it up even further by going a different street at one point- BAD IDEA!! Led me next to the creek, which is always lovely, but then brought my out behind some homes and out to a really winding, hilly road. Normally I would have been okay with the challenge, but today was not that day. I did break for a walk briefly so I could manage the rest of the run. I am not sure if my body struggled so much today because of weird eating habits over the weekend or due to not running all weekend or my brain/body not being awake yet. Running on a Monday is, 9 times out of 10, a bad idea. I need to remember this!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend- I did!


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