Why I love fall

So there are many reasons why I love fall- crisp leaves, pumpkin EVERYTHING, beautiful colors, need I go on? But since I started running last April, I have really come to appreciate fall runs. I get to soak in all the wonderful things about fall AND enjoy not sweating to death in the process like I do all summer. It has been two weeks since our weather in South Central Pennsylvania has really taken a consistent turn for the cooler and I love it. No humity and cooler sun make morning runs so enjoyable. I have come to the conclusion that although I want to run most mornings, I really can't or my left knee starts to hate me. The last few weeks I have been running 2-3 days in a row before I take a break and I really don't think this was a good idea. This is a huge bummer, but given I am participating in a 5k on 9/29 I don't want to push it right now. This 5k is actually an adventure run held at a some-what local organization, Diakon adventure Run, which supports funding for services to troubled youth.  Working in the field that I do, I try to support as many of these types of things. It is nice to do something I love (run) and give back to the community even just a little bit. In just a few more weeks, I am doing a 5k that is much more local and is pretty much in my back yard. There is a small system of trails near our house called the Goddard Trail which I tend to run pretty frequently. The 5k has a little bit added to the trail to make it qualify, but I enjoy the areas of town it wraps through and it is a pretty simple "easy run" kind of thing for me these days. Very much looking forward to these fall 5ks.
Have a great weekend of running!!


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