First treadmill run

Yesterday morning I was a little on the lazy side with all this rain we have been getting and even though the rain had stopped I felt like I really needed the extra hour and a half of sleep. I did redeem myself a little by packing clothes and went to the gym at work to hit the treadmill. So this leads me to my little relection on treadmill running and some things I learned/thought during the process:
1. Initial thought: I hate this
2. Trying to do a specific program on the treadmill was really iritating because I kept staring at the screen wondering when I was going to be done with the inclines for a minute.
3. I settled for a regular run with no incline after 1 mile on the calorie burner program and this helped me to be more comfortable with increasing my speed to where I should be.
4. I completed a 1.5 mile regular run at closer to my normal pace. The last .5 mile, I ran at an 8:34mile and although I was so tired and barely thought I'd finish, it felt SO good that I did.
Moral of the story is that treadmill running will never take the place of or be preference over running outside. However, I think I will make an effort to run on it every so often just to give myself and extra speed challenge. I do have trouble maintaing one pace for the majority of a run, so maybe running the treadmill occasionally will help me establish an internal sense of speed to improve that. Here's to hoping!!

Crazy enough, I turned around and rain again this morning as well. I am house/pet/teenage sitting tonight and Friday night and needed to get there to pick up a key and touch bas with them. I decided I'd just run there and back since it wasn't super far- ended up being a 3.7 mile run there and back and I ran at a 9'18" pace which I was happy with.

Now I probably won't get to run until Monday or Tuesday of next week because my sister is having her baby today and then we will be up visiting with them over the weekend.Although this makes me sad, I need to pace myself so my knee doesn't end up in the pain I was experiencing in the middle of Septemeber because I was running a lot of miles and running too many back to back days.

Hope everyone had a nice run today!


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