Happy Friday everyone!! I hope you have some nice fitness plans for the weekend. I am headed out of town and am unsure of what we will get into, but hopefully a hike or trail walk of some sort to enjoy the fall foliage. I titled this entry improvements because I just wanted to log these thoughts somewhere and just kind of give myself a pat on the back. Now a full year (and a half since I actually started to train) into my full fledged running experience, I am amazed at how far I have come. I used to tell everyone there was no way I'd ever run because my body just wasn't built for it. I am now living proof that this was the biggest, silliest lie I have ever told myself. I went from barely being able to run for 1 minute, to running 5ks and beyond. Not only that, but my "easy day" pace is now around a 9 min/mi which blows my mind. On my race last weekend I ran a mile in 8.08 again, MIND BLOWN. I think back to my middle and high school gym days were they made us run a mile and I think I would typically walk 1/4 to 1/2 of it. So there is my little brag story. In other news I wanted to share so things I have made this week that were simple and delicious and mostly healthy. Monday I seasoned some tilapia,multigrain pasta with all the extra vitamins and jazz, and some shelled soy beans (also lunch Tuesday). Tuesday I made some tuna helper and through in half an avocado and a decent amount of green beans- a dinner and 3 lunches out of that- so delicious. Wednesday I grilled the other half of the avocado and through with some of the pasta from Monday night. Thursday night I baked a butternut squahs in the toaster oven- brushed a little EVOO on it and some italian seasoning. After they were cooked, I flipped them over put halved cherry tomatoes and some pizza sauce and cheese and let it cook a little longer. OH MY!!I wish I would have taken a decent picture of it because it was just so good. Anyway this will probably all go down the drain going away this weekend but will try to eat my best. Hopefully some good hike pictures to follow in a post on Sunday or Monday! Have a great weekend :)


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