Running reflections

So some days running is more of a chore and others running is to run off emotions of some sort, while todays was more reflective. I am running a 5k Saturday morning and it is on a trail through town that has seen me through a lot more of the emotional running than anything, so this is something kind of new to me. I started to kind of think about goals and where I want to go with running and outside of running in the next year. I have recently decided to start a Mary Kay business and am already tossing around the idea of selling some of the crafts and things I have been making (which can be seen at my other blog- As for the running part, I'd like to reach for a 10k in the spring, and maybe even a half marathon by next fall. I know there was a lot more buzzing through my head this morning, but now that it is 8 hours later, I think I have lost most of it. Darn.

What do your reflective runs usually focus on?


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