I just looked at the official results of the race I ran Saturday and oddly enough I recieved 1st place in my age group. Now I don't know how many others there were- but I am grinning from EAR TO EAR :)
The 2nd placer was 28.31 to my 26.47 so that boosts my ego just a tad too. The age group was 20-29 so WAHOO.
This was a nice surprise after my slow (9:02/mi) but hilly almost 2 miles. I will probaby take running a little easier the next few weeks to allow my body to adjust to the cooler air and just because I don't have any upcoming 5ks or anything like that. After pushing too hard over the summer- too many miles, too too fast- and some (terrible) knee pain, I want to work up my mileage the right way this time. I was too eager to get to 5 miles then 6 that I jumped too fast to it and I don't want to do that again. I think  I mentioned the other day (or, maybe not) that a coworker mentioned to me about this series of 5ks called "Frozen Feet" website here but old information.  I think I will do each of these races just to keep me going over the winter :)

What are your plans for the fall/winter cool down to keep up with your fitness goal??


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