Finally a good run!

My apologies for a huge lapse in writing. I haven't been running much - well really at all since my 5k. I think I ran maybe a day or two after that then once on the treadmill while we were away for our anniversary and that was it!! Last week was insane between switched up work hours and other busy life things and this week, RAIN RAIN and more RAIN thanks to little Miss Hurricane Sandy. I have to say I was pretty mad with each passing day that I couldn't go on a morning run. Monday and Tuesday I was definitely in rest mode after working 7-3 all weekend but Wednesday and Thursday I was so ready to go and it was just too cold and rainy.
On another note, I have gotten back into doing my turbo kick DVD my instructor gave me when I told her I wouldn't be there every week anymore. There were at least two or three weeks I did not do it and I really started to notice a backward slide in my body. Believe me when I tell you this was not something that made me happy. Sadly, it is not that I didn't want to do it, I just had too many other things going on. So needless to say I am getting back on track with my excercise after an unfortunate involuntary break. Hopefully that doesn't happen again!!


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