Hangin Tough

And I am not just talking about NKOTB.

It has been a really rough week on my running life- between the weather and my mental/emotional status, today was my first day out in a week. We laid my grandmother to rest last Friday and ever since I just haven't felt like I could feel "just right."

Certainly it hasnt helped that I was away all weekend on a bachelorette weekend and although we had lots of fun, we didn't get nearly enough sleep. Add this to being emotionally exhausted and disaster strikes. I came home Sunday and slept a good portion of the afternoon in attempt to catch up. Monday morning  I still felt so lagging and decided to extend my bereavement time off one more day. Tuesday and Wednesday I did get up to go to work, but snoozed my alarm all the way until it was too late to run. Yesterday I hit the wall and between work and some personal things in addition to getting a few sympathy cards in the mail, I was just at the end of my sanity. I decided I would have a nice glass of wine, a hearty salad for dinner and take some time to relax and destress. I also decided that I absolutely needed to get up and run this morning. An hour after I really wanted to, I finally made it out of bed, got dressed and laced up my sneakers to hit the road. Not my best or fastest run (probably slowest in MONTHS!!) but all that counts is I got back out there. It didn't make me feel totally better, but it sure did help.

I know I don't have a lot of people that read this blog right now, but maybe someday.. so my message to myself and to you is this:
Even if life kicks you down and it really seems like you can't handle one more thing and you just want to cry... overcome the huge urge to do nothing but lay on the couch, or in your bed, or on the floor. Overcome the urge and get up, get your shoes on and RUN. Fast, slow, til you are out of breath, til you feel better... just run. Your body, your brain, and your mind will thank you!!!!


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