Winters cold

Sorry for the huge gap in posts. I havent gotten to run too much since I am still resistent to treadmill running if I can avoid it. Only thing is that we keep getting snow and I have been pretty stinking busy with the holidays. Its cool though because I have been doing mini workouts that still make my muscles sore (progress!!) and thats enough to make me happy. For example, yesterday I did the following: 75 jumping jacks, 16 pushups, 45 cruches, 35 mountain climbers, 60 second plank with leg raises (up/down, side to side alternating) then 25 regular squats, then 30 squats with side leg lifts. Got to keep the butt in shape after all those christmas cookies :) The day after Christmas I was determined to find some winter running pants and that I did. Dad was kind enough to drive mom, sister and kids, and me to Target and Kohls to shop. I went to Dicks after striking out (mostly not wanting to pay the ridiculous prices they still wanted) and ended up with a pair of Reebok winter running (play dry & warm) pants. So needless to say since then I have been itching to try them (and other running gear I recieved for Christmas) out. I kind of have to laugh because when I talked about wanting winter running pants my dad said "why, you aren't going to run now that its so cold outside?" I just laughed at him and said it doesn't matter- I have already run in the snow once this season and I would do it again That being said it snowed yesterday but we were already in the inches til I was up and ready to do anything- plus being sick didn't help. I am still on the sick side, but I needed to get out of the house and have some fresh air plus get motivated to get crafty projects and housework done today after literally doing nothing but cook dinner yesterday :) So with today being just 2 days before the start of the new year- have you set any new fitness goals? I know that I would love to do a half marathon this year and finally found a training schedule for such an undertaking so I hope that I can make it a reality.


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