Breakfast is Boss

The other day, maybe on my runners world emails, I was reminded that breakfast is important and running on an empty stomach should be a NO GO. I immediately felt guitly and read the article. I quickly felt like such a bad runner because I am SO guilty of RUNNING. ON. AN. EMPTY. STOMACH.   As the article reminded me, if you are running on an empty stomach (or doing any major excercise for that matter) that your body goes after MUSCLE  first for energy *GASP*.

After reading this I immediately resolved to quit my bad habit of getting up later than I should and running out the door for a 3 miler with nothing at all in my stomach. That being said, this morning I ate a bowl of honey nut cheerios (so maybe not the best thing to be eating, but don't judge me) and had a drink about 20 minutes before I got dressed and ready to go out. Maybe I am biased, but I feel like this really made my run so much more enjoyable.

Lesson learned: Breakfast is Boss. I cannot be a boss runner without it. (well even with it, I am not always amazing, but I can pretend!)


  1. OMG! I never eat before my weekday workouts, even if I'm running 4 miles. I just don't have an appetite. I will have something on the weekend before a longer run (8 miles).


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