Great fitness weekend

I took off from fitness on Friday, other than some stretching of course.

 In turn, I had a great weekend. Saturday I ran 3 miles which was made harder by the snow still laying all over town. It had started to snow Friday afternoon and by the time I ran Saturday, lots of sidewalks and roads were still snow covered, which made running a little extra challenge. Then I came home and did my first day of "plank a day challenge" I don't know if there is an official website or not, so I apologize. Either way, I started to do it and really would like to stick to it. Sunday I left for a run and kind of laughed that Nike+ challenged me with 6.51 miles. It was another day when I wasn't really sure where I was going to run or how far so I just started it as if it was any other day. Little did I know, not even a mile into it I decided I would run 7 miles. I must have been crazy right? Well it was even crazier because I ran to the river (which unless you live here this will probably not mean much) which has a street level path and a river level path. At one point I decided to switch from the street to the river level, which then caused me to miss getting back to street level in time to cross the bridge I wanted to. This wouldn't have been so bad because there is another bridge right after, but I missed that one too!! I didn't realize until I saw the next bridge was the highway which meant I was in an area of Harrisburg, PA called "Shipoke" right along the river. OOPS! Anyway, I turned myself around and got myself to the bridge and was on my way back to my side of the river. Soon after I crossed, I hit my 7 miles. Because my hips started to hurt a bit- I figured I would walk the little less than 2 miles home. Well, .66 miles in I decided it was taking too long and I took off again- and ran another mile. When I got back I decided I would stick to my plank a day but tried twice and they totalled 2 minutes.. well, you win some you lose some.

 Anyway, here are some snapshots and screenshot of my weekend fitness shenanigans this weekend.

1) Icy river... up close down below, looked like broken glass. 2) snowy/dirty NIKEs. 
3) Hubby thought my outfit was really special after got home Saturday. I couldn't get warm even with hot coffee so put my cozy robe back on over all my running gear. 4) My day 1 plank a day challenge. 

Nike+ map of my run. Wish it showed the actual area, but for some reason screen shotting, this is what I get. I did also give my Cuddle duds Active leggings a try today and they were perfect. The last time I wore them, I wore them under my winter running pants but today they were great alone- something I never thought I would be comfortable doing  .. there is a first for everything!!!

What should I for my Monday evening workout... hmmmmmm???
Stay tuned!! 


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